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Maybe it's time to become the person you’ve been waiting for.” -Unknown  

Over the past 10 years, brothers Eldon McCune (bass/vocals), Sam McCune (guitar/vocals), and Jake McCune (drums) have worked in various musical projects and toured extensively. During this time, they endured many personal hardships ranging from drug and alcohol addiction to car accidents and chronic pain.  

Having learned how to battle and overcome these hardships, the brothers reconnected in December of 2019 and decided to recreate Third Angel, a previous project they had started in 2014.


Fueled by their deep passion for music and a vision to share their experiences with others going through dark times, the trio has written, recorded, and is ready to publish their first 5 song EP in a mere 4 month’s time! 

Third Angel seeks to connect with people who struggle with their own inner demons and through a passionate, heavy, and progressive musical sound remind them they are not alone in the fight! 

Join us, and together we can all overcome our inner demons and each become the person we’ve been waiting for...